Medium sized braids

Have I ever mentioned that I have a looot of hair which people confuse for long hair? I have never relaxed my hair ever!! thanks to my mother. You see, I lived in the era of beautiful beginning( a product used to relax kids hair, they say its mild and good for your child). My mum at some point was tempted to try it on us ( my sister and I) but then it didn’t happen and just like that I was denied the chance to be the kid with the cool hair 😦

Years later, I decided to embrace natural hair and everything that comes with it; the bad hair days when you have absolutely no ideas what to do with your hair,  product fails, days when you try a new style and people think that you are having a bad hair day which makes you want to hurt their face because they hurt your feelings,days when your stylist does not get your instructions and you get a totally different out put. Do you guys relate? For example on this style, I wanted jumbo box braids but they turned out medium sized but I loved them either way. What do you think? if I was to try this again  I would use a little twist and color. I like the color purple number 1/911 abuja-braids. Perfection.

Here goes 5 hours of braiding and 10 pieces of braids. I hope you draw some inspirations from this post. Enjoy!!

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(on the picture, my long time friend Jane and I)


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Braids ON Bob

Who thinks bobs can be tricky? I do. Been there done that. twice!! First time I plaited my own hair and used some really blunt scissors to cut the ends. The result was disastrous because the length was uneven and boy was I tired?!!  ( I held on to the candle for 1 hour burning the ends). I dreaded bobs but I still wanted to see how I’d look if it was done by a professional. This time a man was executing, first time to have a man do my hair.

My mother said they looked nice (mothers always do that), my sis too but chuckled towards the end of her sentence. I knew I was in trouble. You see, when the bob is still fresh, it really difficult to style  because the ends are normally bulky and mine especially because it was short and full ( the braids had been braided closely to one another). I wanted to sleep in for the next 1 week just so the ends could get to lie flat. Here are the end results. What do you think?





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Bad hair days is something that every woman experiences once in a while no matter how many times people have told you that you have amazing hair. I get that because often times, I don’t feel like doing my hair regardless of how good I might look in this style or the other one. which is why sometimes I just want to go protective and It does work to my convenience because I don’t have to keep on styling my hair each morning and still look pretty .



These are some benefits that I have observed with my own hair :

1. Retaining growth. I dyed my hair sometime last year and I dint know how to care for dyed hair and  its really affected its growth because I had some serious breakage. protective styling has helped maintain my hair growth without compromise.

2. saves time. any lady( and a couple of married men ) will tell you that protective styling saves them time and trouble with their bosses for arriving late at work.

3. protection from direct sunlight. direct sunlight tend to damage your hair and especially in this scorching sun. Experts have advised to wear huts but some of us can’t afford that luxury probably because its not allowed at our work place or we simply don’t love them.

find other benefits of protective hair styles here:



I did a 2 corn row and its pretty simple you can DIY. No hustles 🙂 I attached a video of the styling and I hope you enjoy it folks.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Doing my hair is something i looove to do. Natural hair excites me 🙂

I haven’t really had time to sit down and post this protective style that I did sometime back. I have been focusing on my exams which am yet to finish BTW and a couple of other things that I needed to get done before I clear school (I am in my final semester yeeeey!!!!!).

Back to my hair. I did this mini twist outs some time back and I’ve been waiting to share it with you guys. I loved it, my friends loved it  and I hope that you too will love it. Initially, I wanted to do some finger coils but i ended up doing these pinch twist outs. I call them pinch because I  practically sectioned them into tiny sections and worked with them as such.

number 6

number 2 number 3

number 1

I worked with mine on freshly washed hair to get a lot of volume and get a lock kind of effect. see mine? they are really tiny but you get to exercise freedom with this style because you can wear them any size, anyhow you like.

one other thing that I enjoyed about this style was the fact that its a protective style. I din’t have to worry about my hair being rained on #natural hair tingz#  and it served me more like a 2 in 1 style.Immediately I undid the twist, I incorporated an Afro which fairly served me for some time.

This style is best for some of us that are busy and love to wear natural hair or you can pull it during rainy season( its an all weather however) or sometimes when you feel you are going to have an engaging week and don’t have time to style your hair every morning.


SAM_9678 By now you know that my hair is not curly in its truest nature 😀 and i was re….aaaally really excited to discover ways to be creative with my hair without having to visit the salon… you don’t have to be a hair freak to pull this…. for my set, i used the smallest perm rods; the size determines the type of curls you achieve. SAM_9966 SAM_9563 SAM_9633 SAM_9958 SAM_9911 Watch video here Feel free to share  🙂 and be bold to try out this afro suitable for all kinds of settings:weddings, office, campus, parties, conferences 😀

two strand twist and straw set


 I’d like to introduce my blog with this new and creative style that i did two weeks ago but ….I have been postponing because I’ve been pretty busy( the kind that is fruitful:)). This style is a mixture of different aspects that i created to bring out the two strand and straw set effect.  I had to share it with you guys 🙂



 Basically all my life I’ve been a natural only that i din’t know to take care of my kinky hair or even style it up until  an year+ ago. This is quite common for kinkies and by kinky i don’t mean the curly soft hair that every beau might envy. When i wash my hair and wait to dry, you can hardly see my scalp or get your fingers to the scalp . My friends call it ‘steel wool’  😛 , the tangling and dryness. but that’s alright because I’ve grown to learn to take care of it in-spite.

straw set

Essentially,  immediately after washing all i did was to section my hair like some sort of  Mo-Hawk  .

Then i did a straw set on the front sectioned part. To achieve best results, do the set when the hair is completely wet. (watch video here  )

Lastly, i did a 2 strand twist on the remaining section. The 2 strand gave my hair some sort of locks effect.

blog 1


All the best lovies as you try out this style :D.

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